We recognize four phases in the 'Total Talent' framework: Attract, Retain, Educate and Unleash. We use the acronym 'ARE-U' to describe the framework in short. It is our belief that every talent should flourish and that 'Unleash' is the ultimate goal for everybody involved.


Total Talent Platform

Zooomeee is a 'Total Talent' platform that connect the dots between the employee, employer and education. It supports people that want to develop themselves to be employable.


Customer Contact Center

Zooomeee reveals the unique value of individuals and organizations to enable targeted development, to build stronger relationships and to deliver better results.


Big Data Analysis

Zooomeee makes talent development accessible to every individual, through the web and in organizations, with a focus on his unique passion, strengths and competencies.


Ignite Economic Opportunities

Zooomeee has built an integrated Total Talent Management platform for the individual and the organization that allows people to take action themselves.